Nuovo Hanse 325 – 2010 |

Hanse 325 esterni

Hanse 325 interni

(ora non ce la faccio proprio a provarci a tradurlo)

New models setting new trends

HANSE has a lot to talk about in the new model year 2010-11. Some weeks ago we presented the new HANSE 445, now the 325 and 355 are following The model year 2010-2011 will be a year of big news from Hanse of Greifswald, Germany. We will present some new yachts with surprising details, smooth lines and of course with the well known typical Hanse sailing performance. All new models, like always designed by Judel-Vrolijk & Co, will be more comfortable and present trendy ideas for easier sailing and living on board. The new Hanse models will have stronger sailing abilities, and will present a new step forward of the legendary Hanse interior design.

Creating new models at Hanse is a parallel cooperation process between the design office Judel-Vrolijk & Co, our own engineering-department and boat builders using the latest 3 DL-design programs. It feeds our own 5-axes milling centre to produces very accurate modules and moulds in a very short time and allows us to have the series production running quickly and without problems.

The new HANSE models 325 and 355 are a consequent development from our successful 320 and 350. Very eye catching and comfortable is the new created interior with a breakthrough in yacht furniture design. Bended and curved surfaces you normally know from expensive one off luxury yachts. At our new models these interior gives a widened feeling of space. Completely re-engineered are the bottom structure and inline-structures as well as the coachroof, which now looks lower. We have smoother radius and less sharp bends. The cockpit coamings will be lower as well, the transom is redesigned.

The rig, sail plan, keel and rudder are untouched, because they are perfect and responsable for high stability, good and safe sailing- and manoeuvring and high speed with easy handling the boat.

Distinctive construction and design changes of HANSE 325/355 model year 2010/11
Decks, the inner structures and inline-structures have been re-engineered
The coachroof looks lower. We have now smoother radius and less sharp bends
The window front has a new look
The cockpit coamings are lower, the transom is redesigned wwith larger bathing platforms
The shrouds will lead to outside position
Discontinuous rigging as standard
Characteristics of new 325/355 model year 2010-11
“More boat, more value”
“Yacht furniture design with curved surfaces like on one offs luxury yachts”
“A cruiser with a clear interior design gives a widened feeling of space”
“New interior colour Ohio-Cherry”
Model changes HANSE 325
Wheel steering now standard
Deep cockpit locker on port
Larger and lower bathing platform position
Model changes HANSE 355
New designed transom with integrated easy to walk bathing platform
Deep cockpit locker on port (two cabin layout)
Head aft with two and three cabin layout

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  1. questa sì che è una barca progettualmente ben equilibrata… almeno sulla carta.

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  3. questa è più equilibrata…meno corsaiola ma sicuramente più sicura